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Oberrauch Zitt  Bolzano

cute stuff  32 Euro



domenica 17 aprile 2011


Ceci N’est Pas un Birkin!!!

EURO     79


Just like the Birkin once had a wait list, so does the Thursday Friday Together Bag, there is already a three-month waiting list! 
Many are embracing this bag with open arms as they are loving the concept. Do you love it too?
the Together Bag from Thursday Friday, a screen-printed tote featuring a likeness of Hermès’s iconic Birkin bag. Roni Brunn and Olena Sholomytska, the duo behind Thursday Friday, were looking to create a bag that could be used for everything, including the groceries, when inspiration hit. “We realized that we were using an extra bag to supplement our ‘real’ bags,” 

Come la Birkin che ha una lista di attesa , anche  per la Thursday Friday Togethe Bag, c'è una un'attesa di tre mesi!
Molti hanno accolto a braccia aperte questa borsa poichè ne condividono la filosofia. E a Voi piace ?
La Together bag from Thursday Friday, una borsa in canapa  stampata sui lati e sul  fondo che riproduce  la  copia della borsa icona di Hermes  la Birkin. Roni Brunn e Olena Sholomytske , la coppia dietro Thursday Friday,  hanno cercato di creare una borsa che possa essere usata  sempre , anche per andare a fare la spesa. "In realtà usiamo queste borse in sostituzione delle nostre borse "originali".

Thursday Friday


avaible  also in blu and  red



martedì 12 aprile 2011

France Burqa Ban Takes Effect


La Francia verso la proibizione del burqa

La Francia verso la proibizione del burqa
Il presidente Sarkozy dichiara: "Il velo integrale deve essere considerato un'offesa alla dignità della donna e al principio della parità: il burqa non è benvenuto in Francia". La strada del disegno di legge aggira le raccomandazioni del Consiglio di Stato, la più alta giurisdizione francese, che ha messo in guardia dai rischi di un divieto generalizzato che non troverebbe fondamenti nel dettato costituzionale.

France Bans Burqas: A Look At Islamic Veil Laws In Europe


In a move that has already been met with a burst of civil defiance, France became the first country to ban Islamic face veils anywhere in public.
Those caught violating the ban are liable to a fine of 150 euros ($216) or lessons in French citizenship. However, as the Associated Press is reporting, several women appeared in burqas in front of Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral and two were detained for taking part in an unauthorized protest.
Such laws have been stirring controversy across Europe for the past year, ever since Belgium's lower house voted a year ago in favor of banning the full veil. (The Belgian ban has not been enacted and is on hold owing to long-term political deadlo


France is the first country in Europe to ban full-face veils. Under the new law, police are not allowed to ask women to remove their full-face veil in the street. They will instead be escorted to a police station and asked to remove the veil there for identification. The law has attracted criticism from religious leaders and opposition politicians who accuse President Nicolas Sarkozy of pandering to far-right voters ahead of an election in 2012.


So far, the legislation has not been drawn up, but Wilders says he hopes it will be introduced this year. The Muslim community say very few women wear the burqa, and that a general ban would heighten alienation among the Netherlands' 1 million Muslims.


Italy has not passed any national legislation but some towns have tried to ban burqas with local decrees. A 1975 law provides for fines and up to two years in jail for those who cover their face with anything that prevents their identification by police.


Belgium's lower house voted a year ago in favour of banning the full veil. However, the ban has not been enacted and is on hold owing to long-term political deadlock.


Civil servants are also banned from wearing the headscarf, which is otherwise commonly worn by many Turkish women, including the wives of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul. A bid by the ruling AK Party government to lift the headscarf ban almost four years ago was blocked by the Constitutional Court, and almost led to the party being closed for anti-secular activities.